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Harold Hill

Health Centre, North East London

Value: 4.6 million

GIA: 2500m2

Building on the past, to ensure better services for the future

BDH Community Ventures were commissioned by Havering PCT, to design, build, finance and operate a health centre in the heart of Harold Hill.


The new Harold Hill Health Centre is a shining example of forward thinking in the delivery of Primary Care, contributing to the regeneration of an area of high deprivation. The centre was built on the site of the previous health centre which had become gradually less and less fit for purpose; with rooms falling below HBN guidelines, and offering a limited amount of services.


The new building now houses not only the original services from the previous building, but an additional GP practice, new children’s services, an anti-coagulation clinic, purpose built facilities for podiatry, and has allowed for the provision of services that were previously only available at local hospitals.


Following the success of the new Health Centre, BDH Community Ventures were commissioned to refurbish an unused section into a new Pharmacy. This included an innovative machine which provides a centralised unit of production for dispensing medicines in the local area.


Adding value

  • Utilising our specialist knowledge in health care premises provision to provide unique solutions to the community

  • Fully managed and procured all the design and construction services to provide a one-stop shop solution

  • Using our unique Value for Money toolkit to carry out financial checks at key stages of the procurement process

  • Easing pressure from local hospitals and moving care into communities

  • Maintaining asset value, saving money on future statutory upgrades

  • Negotiated substantial bullet payment from the Pharmacy procurement on behalf of the Client

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