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We work in partnership with our clients to deliver tailored financial options offering part or wholly funded build solutions. We have delivered a wide range of facilities from large Health Centres to eco-friendly affordable housing. We offer clients flexible, bespoke solutions in an ever changing economic landscape, working in challenging market conditions to realise added value for your development.


Services include:

  • Financial Analysis & Modelling

  • Investment Management

  • Structured Finance including PPP

  • Risk Management

  • Technical Investment

  • Development Management


Management Consulting


We provide expert strategic advice and planning, designing creative solutions that deliver sustainable value for your assets. Our management consultancy unit offer a wide range of services to guide client organisations through efficient strategic planning and transform them into high-performing businesses. Our high-level of experience across a number of fields enables us to listen, understand, advise and then implement solutions which deliver sustainable value.


Services include:

  • Business Planning

  • Estates Planning and Optimisation

  • CQC/Statutory Registration Assistance

  • Feasibility Studies and Options Appraisals

  • Utilisation Surveys

  • Change Management


Asset Management


We provide strategic management operating solutions for each of our clients’ asset portfolios. We currently manage over £60m of local estate, offering bespoke solutions to maximise asset value and improve cost efficiency. We ensure your assets are mapped to your service need in order to increase utilisation, reduce costs and generate income, making sure your assets work for you.


Services include:

  • General Company Management

  • Board Reporting

  • Financial Management and Reporting Services

  • Corporate Governance Solutions

  • Property Administration

  • Contractor Performance Management/Contract Compliance

  • Third Party Income Generation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Asset Value Maximisation Strategies

  • Disposal of Surplus Assets

  • Asset Rationalisation

  • Dynamic Asset Registers, Dashboards and Information Models



Estates Management


We are currently responsible for over £60m of local estate, on behalf of our clients. Our expert knowledge of lifecycle maintenance allows us to provide added value for our clients ensuring your building's value does not depreciate and is compliant with all current legislation. At BDHCV we have a commitment to providing improvement in environmental sustainability; we pride ourselves on ensuring our estate is as environmentally friendly as possible.


Services include:

  • Property Administration

  • Operational Performance Management

  • Third Party Income Generation

  • Mobilisation, Moves and Decants

  • Lease Negotiations

  • Statutory Maintenance

  • Planned Maintenance

  • 24-hour Reactive Maintenance

  • Lifecycle Maintenance/Equipment Replacement

  • Health and safety including ensuring compliance with all legislation



Project Management


We work as our client's representative managing the full cycle of works from initial design and feasibility through to project completion.


We utilise our specialist knowledge in health care premises provision to provide unique solutions to our clients. Our team has a wide range of project experience covering both public and private sectors and ranging in value from £5K to £150 million.


Services include:

  • Production of Feasibility Studies and Budget Costs

  • Appointment of Designers, Contractors, Statutory Bodies on behalf of the Client

  • Co-ordination of Design Processes to Ensure that the Project Meets the Client's Requirements Whilst Remaining within budget

  • Utilising our Experience in Design and Construction to Offer Sound and Considered Advice

  • Management of all Relevant Contract and Legal Processes

  • Supervision of Live Projects on behalf of Clients


Research and Modelling


At BDHCV we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of market research and innovation. Our Research Team gathers a wide range of benchmarking information from previous projects and experience acting as a guide to ensure added value for our clients. We utilise our existing market rights and distribute regular publications for our clients highlighting key issues affecting modern business and our strategies for successfully overcoming them.


Services include:

  • National Healthcare Premises Value for Money Model

  • Dynamic Estates Register – ASPIRE Toolkit

  • Care Quality Commission Premises Policies and Performance Handbook

  • Space Utilisation Modelling

  • Operational Management Dashboards

  • Disposal of Surplus Assets

  • Asset Rationalisation

  • Dynamic Asset Registers, Dashboards and Information Models

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