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Supporting an effective Covid-19 response.

When the Covid-19 virus took the country by storm in mid-March, it is fair to say that no one was ready for what was to unfold.

A rapid response from the BDH team enabled two operational health centres: South Hornchurch Health Centre in Rainham and Marks Gate Health Centre in Dagenham, to quickly switch use, to that of fully operational Covid-19 HOT Hubs.

NHS Barking and Dagenham Clinical Commissioning Group identified the two health centres as being ideally located to act as GP led, HOT Hub diagnostic assessment centres. At short notice, the BDH Estates Team responded to the CCGs needs and carried out a range of minor short-term adaptions at both buildings to support the change in use - proving how flexible and accommodating existing LIFT buildings are.

Throughout the pandemic, the HOT Hubs have played a key role in providing a GP service to help the NHS assess and look after residents suspected of suffering from Covid 19. People who contact NHS111 or their own GP are assessed and those that require a face to face appointment are invited to go to a clinic at one of the Hubs where a local GP will assess them and decide how best to manage their symptoms.

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