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Supporting young people today and building leaders for tomorrow

1,384 young people from under-privileged backgrounds benefited from Sea Cadets, On The Water Programme that was held last summer in London, Liverpool and Birmingham. Funding for the 2022 programme was provided by 13 corporates and charitable trusts, including gbpartnerships foundation and three LIFTCos: North London Estate Partnerships, Barking Dagenham & Havering Community Ventures, Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership. This funding meant that On the Water participants did not face any financial barrier to participation.

On The Water provides young people with the opportunity during their summer holidays to make new friends, learn new skills, build their confidence, increase their health and wellbeing, have fun and leave with a recognised sailing qualification at the end of the programme. Community groups and partner organisations located around the LIFT Estate in London and Liverpool were engaged with to support promotion and up-take, with promotional materials placed in buildings.

Partner organisations engaged in the out-reach work stressed how young people they were working with would never have an opportunity to try something like this outside of On The Water; and that accessing good quality free activities was highly challenging especially post Covid, particularly in the current stretched financial situation for many traditional providers.

Parents, carers and group organisers showed an overwhelmingly positive view of the programme, with 90% reporting that their young person learnt new skills.

“It was brilliant – I’d never been on a boat or open water before.”
“The whole experience was amazing. I particularly loved sailing.”
“It taught me how to be more confident in the water.”

Read the full case study here:

Sea Cadets_On The Water 2022_ Case study
Download PDF • 1.56MB

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